How To Co-Create an Original Story with Your Child

BE OBSERVANT of your children! This would be different than just looking or being generally aware. Additionally, this does not include talking over them.  

I’m talking about being a detective! An explorer! 

What does this look like? It doesn’t really “look” like much. I can share with you how it feels from my perspective. When I’m being observant with a young learner I feel like:

  • I’m in a library with a bright-eyed apprentice who is whispering a revelation to me!

  • I’m on a journey with someone who just realized they matter!

  • I’m Sherlock Holmes and Watson has just made a discovery!

  • I’m Watson and I’m entranced with another discovery by Sherlock Holmes!

In other words, I assume they have something to say. I connect with them regarding my body language, direct eye contact, AND I even take notes.

NOTICE their passions and desires! If a young child loves food, I’m going to ask them questions about food. If it’s cars they love, then I’m going to study up on cars so I can ask them about cars. Of course, once I ask a question, I go back to step 1 and I’m observant.

CO-CREATE something relevant to them. You’ll notice I’m not defining how to co-create an original story with steps that never change. I’m sharing the essence of HOW to communicate with any aged learner. You will notice that:

  • BEING OBSERVANT leads to strong relationships.

  • STRONG RELATIONSHIPS leads to great conversations.

  • GREAT CONVERSATIONS lead to finding out what someone cares about.

  • UNDERSTANDING SOMEONE leads to what I call possibility culture.

By “co-creating a story” I don’t mean it has to be actual book-like story. It could be the learner figuring out “Their Story.” It also might be a set of stories that turn into books like my daughter and myself, and our journey with the children’s book series, Sam the Ant.

LET THEM LEAD and sit back and enjoy the creative journey unfold.