Summer Games: How to Help Your Child Think Creatively and Critically!

It’s a hot day and if you live in Tucson, AZ, it’s really hot! No matter the temperature, summer is a time when we have our young ones with us, and typically we’re looking for ways to engage them in fun ways that help them learn. Learn what? Here’s my suggestion:


They’ll get plenty of academic learning during the school year. Learning how to learn, will help them in all academic subjects, and even more important, they will be preparing themselves for after school, for that thing we call LIFE!

Here is one game I can highly suggest, which is old school, in that it doesn’t require you purchasing a board game, no phone is needed, and it  improvse how we communicate as families.


  • Start with a food that is simple, like an apple. 

  • Next, choose several variations of that apple. For example, a green apple and a gala apple.

  • Everyone eat a small piece of each apple.

  • Everyone has a chance to compare the different apples regarding flavor.

  • Have at least two dips. For example, peanut butter, almond butter, and yogurt.

  • Everyone dips a small piece of each apple into each dip.

  • Everyone has a chance to describe how the flavors CHANGED when they were dipped.

  • Everyone has a chance to compare and contrast the different combinations.

Imagine, instead of apples, that pizza is the food item. This would give family pizza night an entirely new perspective!

Imagine how baked potato night would go!

What about tuna fish sandwiches? What variable would you add? Celery? Apple? Honey? Olives?

Plan your dinners with this fun in mind!