The Girl Who Learned How to “Be the Happy”

I was in a preschool classroom modeling how to use Yoga with young children. This involved teaching them how to “hold” their energy, how to “use their energy” (they have that down), and how to breath with your movement. This also involves creating short stories with the movement. So there we were, pretending to be a diver, diving into the water as we kept our legs straight and touched the floor with our fingers and palms. All the while, letting the children  know that the “good ouchie” on the back of their legs was a good thing, lol! Oh the cries of baby hamstrings!!

Next was a game that teaches children how to meditate. I call this…

Be the Apple


Be the Banana

It is a combination of a mindful and meditative game that sharpens the mind and elevates the ability to think through a series of steps, much like playing a game of chess. Here’s how it went:

  • With your eyes open, pretend to hold an apple in your hand.

  • Notice the color of the apple and smell it.

  • Take one bite, and notice the juice in your mouth and chew…. and then swallow.

  • Turn the apple so you’re looking at another side of the apple that has no bite.

  • Take a second bite, etc.

  • Turn the apple again, etc.

  • Take a third bite, etc.

  • Turn the apple, etc.

  • Take a fourth bite, etc.

I then repeated this, but with their eyes close and had the children visualize  instead of actually using movement.

We did this as a group very successfully, and as we were chatting about the power of our mind, a girl raised her hand, and said..

“I get sad when my family is mean to me”

She had said it very quietly, and in a somber mood. I asked her if she would like to share how she feels with the class, and she agreed. She came up near me and faced her friends and said again…

“I get sad when my family is mean to me”

I said, do you remember when we were playing Be the Apple? She said, yes. I then shared with her and the entire class, the following:

If you can Be the Apple, you can Be Anything.  You can even Be the Happy.

Their eyes gleamed as if a great secret had been revealed, and perhaps one had been. I suggested that we try that, and she and her classmates were all willing and interested. Here’s how it went:

  • Close your eyes, and pretend you can see the face of someone who loves you.

  • See them smile at you… breathe

  • Feel them hug you… breathe

  • Hear them say something exciting to you… breathe

  • With your eyes still closed, pretend you see your own face looking at you, like a mirror.

  • See yourself smile… breathe

  • See yourself hug yourself… breathe

  • Hear yourself say the words… I am being the happy

  • Open your eyes… breathe

I asked this 4 yr old girl if she felt better.  She smiled, nodded, and said yes.

We talked about how we can always Be the Happy. It was a great day. Everybody smiled. May hugged, and everyone smiled in their own way.

Be the Happy