Unleash Your Child’s Genius (Part 2 of 2)

Welcome to part 2! Part 1 focused on getting the physical body of your children ready for ignition of their own inner genius. Today’s focus is about getting their brain ready! I had said that I’d share one other fundamental aspect today. Actually, you’re going to receive  fundamental aspects 2 and 3 today.



To begin the journey of unleashing all that we have in positive ways for our own life, and for those we impact, it is critical to elevate our brain function. In order for anyone’s brain function to improve, we need to make sure we are feeding it appropriately. Specifically, our brains thrive on healthy fats and oils. Here is a quick list of some of my favorites:

  • Avocado (fresh or in a smoothie for great texture; paired with a banana, the taste is in the background, if at all)

  • Kalamata Olives (add these to your spaghetti sauce and you can use less salt, and the flavor is amazing)

  • Coconut Oil (I cook with this almost exclusively, and yes my bloodwork is fantastic)

  • Happy Butter (this would be unsalted, grass fed butter… put a tablespoon of this and another of the coconut oil in a blender with your brewed coffee, blend it up and boom… a healthy latte!) 



Our brains must experience new messages in order to remain in the optimal zone for learning and performing in any area of life. Anyone’s brain can begin to get “old”, at any age. All it takes is repeating the same routines without introducing anything new. Here are some of my favorite ways to keep my brain young.

  • Play a game of Chess.

  • Study a musical instrument (I recommend violin and piano).

  • Practice a new pattern on an instrument you already play.

  • Cook a new recipe.

  • Play a new sport.

  • Learn a new language.

  • Play a brain game.

Simple, not easy, but absolutely something you can introduce to your children and yourself.

Ignite that genius!