The animated character who serves as your guide in iBG is “Sam the Ant”, and is also the start of the children’s book series “Sam the Ant.”  This image and the children’s book series was co-conceived by Enrique C. Feldman and his daughter Sam Feldman, when she was between the ages of 3 and 6.  Today, Sam is a performing artist, author, producer, with her speciality in choral music, arrangements, and voiceovers.  The graphic designer, Abe Mendoza, is part of their team and is the artist behind all of the imagery in the books.


iBG are intellectual brainwave games developed by the founder of the Global Learning Foundation (formerly the Fostering Arts-Mind Education Foundation) in 2001.  Since that time these cognition games have been used with thousands of preschool - adults across the U.S., Mexico, and Canada.  These are the first brain games which engage the entire body and create a visceral experience for the player, at any age.  These games have been used to:



  • re-energize during the workday

  • improve clarity of thought

  • foster a higher level of mental readiness

  • create new neurological connections

  • connect with a sense of inner joy

  • laugh




Enrique is an Artist and Educator who’s influence is worldwide. His highlights include:

*Founder and Director of Education, Global Learning Foundation                                                 *Co-Owner, Global Learning Groups                                                                                           *Co-Founder of Context Method®                                                                                           *Senior Facilitator for Arts Integration Solutions                                                             *Redleaf Press author of “Living Like a Child”                                                                                           *Co-Author of the children’s book series “Sam the Ant” (in progress)                               *Co-Producer and Performing Artist of the theatrical show “Dancing in the Universe”                               *Co-Producer and Performing Artist for theatrical show “The Inner Journey”                               *Adaptive Editor and Director of Education, Make a Hand LLC                                                           *2-Time Grammy Nominated Composer and Artist                                                                                    

Founded in 2015, the Global Learning Foundation is focused on elevating early childhood education, and in doing so they strive to empower learners everywhere with life skills such as integrity, honesty, compassion, and autonomy.  Formerly the F.A.M.E. Foundation, which has served over 85,000 children and families, they have acted locally and thought globally from their inception.  Enrique is considered a thought leader in artistic, creative and innovative professional development, and the Foundation’s initiatives have been recognized by the National Endowment for the Arts.  Enrique is an inspirational speaker and has presented numerous keynotes and workshops for organizations; from national entities such as NAEYC and NAFCC, to local workshops for fathers, parents, cultural awareness and community building.  Together with a team of world class educators and artists, and their partner organizations, they foster sustainable, organic and research-based learning models which develop the potential of the learner with the intent of revealing purpose.





The music is from the album “Early Classical Music for Learning Environments,” also known as “The Tree and the Wind.”  Enrique produced this CD in 2004 specifically for use with his brain games and breathing games.  The music is produced at specific tempo’s and frequencies.  The musicians on the album are Marie Sierra, M.M. (piano), Dr. Paula Fan (piano), Viviana Cumplido (flute) and Steven Moeckel (violin).