"Sam the Ant is a fantastic adventure that helps children develop their creative and critical questioning skills while teaching growth values such as acceptance, curiosity, and intellectual exploration… this series will become a classic learning tool, where children can't wait to become engaged in their own exploration of learning and thinking.”

Jess W. Gibson,  Ph.D.

Author, Developmental Psychologist and Educator

“I read my 5 year old son Sam the Ant - The Flood. He often gets distracted while we read together, but this book seemed to draw him in and capture his imagination - I think it’s the pacing of the story and the character. He loved the twist at the end. I really appreciated how the book gave me ideas on how to dig deeper into the content with him to create a discussion about the story, and he loved that part as much as the story himself. I’ve noticed that many kids books are trash…Sam the Ant is the opposite - a well put together story designed to deepen and broaden the mind of a young reader. Recommended!”

Simon Smart

Sam The Ant “The Flood”, is a sweet celebration of friendship and adventure!  The artistic and soulful Feldman Father/Daughter author team shroud fear, and brilliantly illuminate the plot with curiosity, hope and possibilities!  The story line reminds us that open minded and courageous actions can overcome adversity!  This book is a must read and deserves a permanent place in the library of everyone who believes that we are greater together than all alone!

Maria Marin
TUSD Director of Elementary and K/8 Schools
25 year veteran educator and proud mother of 2

Wow! What a great book for igniting curiosity in children. I love the bilingual aspect and lovable characters. Sam the Ant is destined to become this generation's Winnie the Pooh.

Marie Sierra
Music Educator and Concert Pianist
Former Piano Faculty, Vanderbilt University

The authors include many open ended questions teachers and parents can ask their children to stimulate discussion and learning while reading Sam The Ant.  I expect this book to be an exciting addition to our preschool library and know teachers and children will benefit from incorporating Sam The Ant into daily activities.”


Bill Berk
Director, Outer Limits Preschool